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Resin Sub Models & Parts from J&D Productions

Books:    Naval History and Military History: U.S. vessel armaments during the Mexican War era--Confederate ordnance for the land service, I've also included 143 line drawings by Brevet Major Alfred Mordecai, U.S. Army, from an 1849 U.S. Army Ordnance Manual--U.S. naval ordnance of the Civil War--Revenue Cutter Service during the Spanish-American War--U.S. Coast Guard Cutters to England, Lake class (Lend-Lease),--Two World War I cook books and one World War II cook book--Hotchkiss two pounder mountain gun-- .303 inch Maxim gun--German artillery, WW I--Poetry of the Spanish-American War--

the following books of ship plans / Naval books, (engineering drawings & histories) are in book form in a 11"x17" format

Battleships:    Aircraft Carriers:   Cruisers:   Destroyers:  
Destroyer Escorts:   Submarines:   Mine Warfare Vessels: 
High Speed Transports:   Transports  Cargo Ships: 
Tankers:    Tenders:    Ships of the U.S. Army:    Merchant Hulls:  

Artillery:   Auxiliaries:

New Stuff:  Updated April 10, 2015

Ship Plans copied from the National Archives:
  From the Colonial era to the Civil War.

Ship plans copied from the National Archives:   From Spanish-American War to present.

  German and Japanese World War II plans 

Ship Plans copied from the National Archives:   Submarines.

Ordnance Plans copied from the National Archives: Military and Naval ordnance from the War of 1812
                                                                                    era to the Spanish-American War.

Photos of ships from the Spanish-American War

Son's Locksmith business 

Link to Seaways' Ships in Scale magazine

U.S. House of Representatives calendar  

Just what happened one hundred and fifty years ago (1865 this October)? Funny you asked:
--New York Times reported Robert E. Lee's amnesty oath was filed at the State Department--
--Trial of Henry Wirz concluded with guilty verdict and death sentence--
--SS Republic sank off Georgia coast carrying $400,00 in gold coin--
--Treaties signed with the Blackfeet Sioux, Two Kettle Band of Sioux,
Miniconjou Sioux, Sioux-Sans Ares and Hunkpapa Sioux Indians--
Sure sounds like picking up this Wednesday's Webster Echo.
Read all about it in this month's calendar!

- also under calendar 
Naval Chronology for October of 1865 and October of 1861 -

- also under calendar
Artillery for the Land Service:
Drawn and engraved under the direction of
Brevet Major Alfred Mordecai
in 1848:
Machines: Casemate Gin and Sling Cart. -


A list of all Confederate ships beginning with the letter E.

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